Saturday, June 27, 2009



looking for ways to beat the heat??
here are some proc-records tips!! (:

1. run through your neighbors sprinkler
2. swim in your neighbors pool
3. hang out at your neighbor's house and drink their beer!
4. go to and download the
newest album from RedSK and teh soup rebellion
and educate them on the finer things noise can offer!!!

while all of those options are quite recommendable,
might i suggest that you make the fourth option
your first choice?
For you see, my friends, much like their collaborative
work in the past...this new project certainly has
opened up the floodgates to a whole new
arena of noise, which i call "Pure Detroit Audio Destruction".

There are many people who I'm sure will consider you
a "sick person" or "ill" for enjoying this sort of audio, though
I can assure you, there is nothing more pure, strong, or REAL,
than the audio you will find on this release.
Organic noise at it's finest, RedSK and tsr have
once again combined their unique skillzzz and talents
in an effort to pump out another album of pure
Intelligent noise.
"Swine Flu", as they are called, is just one of the handful
of aliases and monikers that these two gentleman
have used (and continue to use!) on a regular basis.

I wont go too much into detail about the specifics
of this album because you will find that the audio
very clearly speaks for itself.
What I WILL tell you is that this album is hands down
one of the finest pieces of collab work proc-rec has seen
in a while, and certainly my personal favorite
project from red and teh.

thanks dudes!!!


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