Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Moving right along, [proc303] is a huge step forward
for the label.
"Why?" you ask
Because not only is it the return of
one of our coolest noiseicians at proc (bastard child)
but it marks the debut appearance of a highly respected
noise artist, Noise Nazi, who has been laying waste
to countless audio dispersment platforms worldwide!!!

A true artist in his own right, Bastard child has already been
with proc for quite some time.
He has been on a few of our compilations and has even
released an album or two of his own on
our label (usually as Flat Affect), not to mention running his own
amazing label, Smell The Stench (RESPECT!!!)

Noise Nazi on the other hand, has never once released
with proc-records, which is why I am not only pleased, but
honored as well to have this tremendously talented
individual be featured here for the first time!
He has released on fine labels like TFN, LTR and STS, just
to name a few, and he has such an extensive catalog
of freely downloadable audio, it really is incredable to
see such strength in sound.

This two track EP is a relentless barrage of distortion, white
noise static, high pitches and screams and volume
on top of even more volume (:
These two gentlemen, both of whom are
proteges on the noise scene, have done an excellent job
in pooling their collective love for the sound
and have brought us a fantastic example of what GOOD noise

friends, if you were looking for a killer noise anthem to bring the
whole place down, rest've found it!


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