Thursday, June 18, 2009



I have always highly regarded Russia as being
one fo the strongest countires in terms of having
the largest frequency of strong-willed electronic artists
in the world.
In the past, at least at proc-records, the majority of them
have been very deeply rooted in the
noise/freeform/ambient genre's, however, this new release
from our newest member to the proc-rec family
has introduced his russian-bred style of
glitch/IDM/electro to the underground scene
and has allowed proc to share his wonderful
sounds with the world!

This ep is about twenty seconds from a full
twenty-minute playtime, and hosts a total
of four remarkably solid and heavy tracks.
The first piece, titled "Register" reminds
me of some turn-of-the-decade Warp (label) IDM,
with a very distant and percussion based
sound, with subtle melodies wrapping
itself around the entire life of the piece.

The second track (and also probably my favorite on the ep)
is titled CCTV and starts out with a low-fidelity, muffled
sounding effect that plays along a rough little
breakbeat. The melody that begins to play
as the piece progresses is very nice as well, and
adds an intruiging aspect to the track.
Somewhat reminiscent of early "Boards Of Canada", this track
certainly demonstrates remarkable audio

The final two pieces are also quite strong and
do an excellent job of bringing the ep to an end.
Long time fans of IDM (or electronic music in general)
are almost certainly sure to find something
enjoyable about this album!!

A wonderful introduction by someone who truly respects
music and isnt afraid to show off his skills a little bit,
proc-rec is whole-heartedly pleased to announce it's
newest installment....



Anonymous said...

ukraine is strong in electronic too!!!

proc-rec said...

i agree!!!!!!!!


there is great music everywhere!!!

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