Sunday, June 21, 2009



ahhhhh yes!!
at a young age i starting listening to alot......ALOT of techno,
some of which back then included trance.
So, to hear an album with the kinds of sound contained
within this folder really takes me back
(as I'm sure it will for many other people).

Qygen is the Seattle-based alias of one Eric Johnson.
For those of you who are still somewhat un-familiar with this
He was born in 1990 and has deep roots in various
forms of sound creation.
Producing music since the age of 15, Eric has
graciously given us yet ANOTHER collection of
fine-tuned trance-ish electronica perfect
for getting any dancefloor, coast to coast, in a proper
state of mind to jam the night away.

This full-length release, which has a runtime of just under one
hour, contains nine great tracks, reminiscent
of the early days of trance.
The melodies.
the textures.
the kick-drums and combined hi-hats
(even the "industry-standard"reverse hi-hat).

Proc-rec hasn't recieved an album featuring this
genre in quite some time.
In fact, I'm not sure we have EVER released
a complete full-length trance album by anyone up until
this point.

At any rate, if you're looking for just the right album
to play at an abandonded warehouse rave
or just for something to play to get you in that sort of mood,
Qygen's latest installment is nothing short of perfect
for doing just that ;)

thanks again Eric!


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