Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Now, I dont particularly enjoy bragging.
I dont feel that it is a good personality trait in anyone.
However, I admit that there are particular circumstances
in which bragging, when done appropriately, can
be useful and fun.
One such circumstance is found within the
boundaries of [proc301].

While this is certainly not our most successful
compilations in our history, it does mark a crucial
milestone in proc-records life, albeit still rather young.
You see, this is the second release so far
of the [proc3xx] catalog series, and it
is placed back to back with our [proc300] compilation,
a rock solid tribute to Minneapolis-based noiseicians!!!

Due to the fact that [proc300] was rather exclusive,
I decided to make 301 a traditional proc-rec compilation,
one which every producer in the entire world
could partake in, if they so desired.
as is typical with most compilation-based releases
here at proc, the turnout was quite successful, and
equally as enjoyable.

Since it was a traditional proc compilation, there
were obviously a few quidelines imposed on the artists
submitting their precious ear-candy.
Firstly, all pieces had to be encoded at 56kbps.
Secondly, the BPM of the pieces had to
be either under 100 or over 200, no middle ground.
Besides that, I encouraged people to
be as creative as humanly possible, and trust me...they were!!!! (:
I have listened to this great album many many times
and each time I seem to find something else about
it that really catches my attention and strengthens
my appreciation for such an amazing amount
of talent on this scene.
Without a doubt, proc-records is one of the most
enjoyable experiences in my life, and I am pleased to
announce that the label continues
to progress and take shape.

As the months and years go on, we will have new artists,
new compilations,
new sounds and new styles.
But through it all,
there will only be ONE proc-records!!!!




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