Sunday, June 21, 2009



The Ukraine.
Along with Russia, it is one of the most dominant area's
of the noise scene in the world.
Breeding some of the finest noise-artists
around, the area is truly a hot-bed for experimental
noise production.
Two such examples are...
Razxca (from Russia)
and jjoth (Ukraine)
However, proc-records has also had the privelage of
releasing music in the past from
the Ukrainian-based artist found on this release...Ahtictap!

Ahtictap, who has released on proc-records at least twice
before this album, is back once again with his own unique
style of noise-audio.
Verging on minimal/ambient, this album takes noise, flips it
upside down, throws it into a blender and then adds reverb
to give it a "library" feeling.
I know, thats not the best decription for this wrok, but while the
tracks on this album could be considered noise, I would also
classify them as being deep ambient and almost even drone.

Ahtictap was last seen on proc-records with his album "[proc161]Daemon_Lover",
and since then, we have patiently been awaiting his return
with more of that quality audio that he is so well known for.
Finally, aftera brief moment, we are able to provide the
underground with such an event!!

Without further delay, proc-rec enthusiastically
welcomes the newest release from a truly
classic artist....


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