Saturday, July 11, 2009



Every once in a while I will find myself
going through a phase with my music in which
I have a bunch of tracks in wav format
and will encode them down to a lower bitrate
and even make them as mono sound files.
Such properties are quite un-popular
among many netlabels and therefore are somewhat
difficult to locate an appropriate label for them.
This ep is one such example of tracks that aren't
low enough for one label, yet too high for another.

Now, normally i dont just go ahead and delete the wav
files immediately after i've encoded the pieces, though
through my hasteiness and poor planning, I did that
very thing and was left with this 56kbps mono tracks.
(Fortunately for me, I still like them like this!! :) )
This ep is essentially just a bunch of tracks that I made over
the past few months and had either forgot about them or
chose to wait to release them until I made up my mind with what
to do about them.
The styles of the pieces range from hardcore electronica
to ambient and minimal.

I also decided to use a different alias on these pieces
as opposed to Graffiti Mechanism or c4.
The name "Strange Kid" is from something I heard on
the TV downstairs and it just seemed to fit perfectly.
Not sure if I'll continue to use that alias, but that's really
not the point now is it??
What matters most is that YOU enjoy the music.
and if you dont, what matters even more that that is if I do...

.....and I do :)

but seriously, I hope that you obtain SOME level
of enjoyment out of these tracks.
Making music, listening to music and releasing music are my passion,
and I have had the wonderful oppurtinuty
of doing all three of those things all at once with this release!!



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