Monday, July 6, 2009



proc-records has been simply blessed by the presence
of Razxca on countless compiltations and
various regular releases over the past
few years, that we have even gone as far to
consider Razxca as being the backbone of this
label and also a dominating factor of the noise
scene on this underground field.

Razxca is the artist from Russia who
is also the curator and operator of his own label,
also called Razxca.
Over the course of proc-rec's existance, we
have had a handful of superb releases from this utterly
amazing musician, varying in styles, including classical
piano releases, which have been ranked among
my personal favorite releases!
This release contains aspects of pre-planning combined
with complete improv, in an effort to
create an utterly unique style which has
worked out quite well for him :)

In comparison to some of his other releases, this
album is relatively small though the message
remains the same....complete artistic freedom, without
boundaries and un-cencored...

a true proc-rec instant classic!


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