Saturday, July 11, 2009



After a brief hiatus, Not Even Hope is back at it again
and once again we here at proc-rec and the underground
in general have been truly blessed to have recieved
great quality audio at such an affordable price!! (:
coming in at proc315, N.E.H.'s latest ep
takes us on yet another joy-ride through sound
creation, manipulation, and of course....degradation.

sixteen solid soulful pieces
are what make up the backbone of this album
and allow it to function, in it's completion, as a
truly unique spectal sound spectrum, propelling
you deep within the midst of an all-out sound
battle royal!!
Bouncing around with various styles
and genres, this album has plenty to offer long-time
fans and new-comer's with
starving ears for sound.

Tracks like the opening two, which
are very melody driven are what continues
to keep my interest throughout the whole of this
album, while the crazy noise that both N.E.H and
proc-rec are known for are refreshing reminders of
where true art is found and how it can be obtained.

the bottom line is, if you want the best
in experimental audio, you have come to the right
place....and you have downloaded the right album....


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