Thursday, October 22, 2009



every once in a while in the
underground, an artist comes along
who dictates a very direct message and captures an
audience with his or her music. Not only myself, but
anyone involved in proc-records
has had the pleasure of experiencing on
multiple occasions the brilliant work of one Eric Johnson
also known as Qygen.

Deserving endless praise and genuine admiration for
his work, Eric's presence here at proc-rec
has been not only greatly appreciated, but
endlessly loved and admired time and time again.
With each new album, I re-affirm my love for this guys
work. It seems as though each release (somehow) outdoes
itself and never ceases to please the aural compartments of
my mind.

There is a special place in "electronic music heaven"
for people who take pride in their work and show
true dedication in sound creation like this.
(I know, I am probably boring you to death with
this continuous praising of
this release, but please
understand that I get excited when
I hear utterly fantastic
electronic music, especially that of a
genre like Trance, which
has severly let me down over the years)

Now, as I have no doubt said before, this is
the best Qygen release I have heard so far, and you can
bet I will be burning it onto a cd and spinning it
quite often.


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