Tuesday, March 30, 2010



A little over a year ago, I came into contact
with a local Toledo netlabel via my cousin, Corey.
Filled with excitement at the fact that
I wasnt the only one who cared about free, quality
electronic music, I immediately contacted the label
in an effort to strike up an alliance
with the owner.
....Am I glad I did!!!
Not only did it begin a great friendship, it has
also been beneficial to work as often
as I have with some home-base talent, tossing
ideas back and forth and working on splits,
compilations and albums for both labels.

A little bit more history and insight about Rich...
Splatterfunk is the internet sound collective label
of none other than Richard Naugle.
A long time Toledo native, Rich has been making and
releasing his own audio for a few years now with a sound
based heavily within the realms of long-standing
IDM artists like Afx and Venetian snares.
Although, through incorporating an immense variety of
styles into his material, it is clear that Rich's
influences expand much broader areas than JUST IDM.
Jungle, ambient, some noise, 8-bit and even
a bit of jazz and hip-hop peppered in at various
points for good measure (and thats just for starters!)
are what make Rich's music so unique.

The things which I mentioned above can not only be
found on this album, but a few are even
more prominent than ever (imho) on this album
than on any of his previous albums
with proc, and therefore is easily one of
my personal favorite ep's from Rich (with the exception of
flypoo.....that was just an EPIC ep, man)

the album as a whole is pure editing mastery, although
easily, my personal favorite tracks on this album
are sdaffeedk7jt, nugee, Mkeookj Oke, pgklhe,
with the latter being of particular interest.
I felt it was a prime example of Mr. Naugle's expertise.

Need a nice album to play for your
family on Easter morning?
might I recommend...


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proc-rec said...

what a great release

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