Monday, April 5, 2010



demonstrating TRUE underground-ness is what
I hope to achieve at proc and have
been incredably pleased thus far, primarily due
to extreme "out there" artists like Army Of 2600.
For a little bit of background, check out his other
releases with proc or other fine labels like Love Torture .

In the meantime, let's talk about this
album because, well, it's just so damned awesome!
From the very first second, this album is true
distortion brutality.
Opening the ep is the track "oshe time"
which is very much glitch-hop, ghetto-chip
and all around cool track, laiden with deep grinding bass,
interesting beat sequences and a pleasent
melodic lead.

immediately after this piece comes
a personal favorite track of mine from the album,
channel 59 mega mix which draws many styles into
its destructive and very appealing percussion-path which
mostly include hardcore jungle and even harder techno
(in 8-bit style of course *wink*)

after this we are lead deeply into the depths of
unknown motherboard territory, annexed off by
those that fear such distinguishable sounds as this.
Once again, the heavy distortion (which plays a lovely
common theme throughout the life of the album) can
be heard spread very thick over basslines and
kicks, snares, high-hats and claps.
a killer track and certainly one of
particular interest to me.
However, the album reaches it's paramount with
the fifth track, "dr mindbender in the lab", which
leaves little room for discussion, due to the highly
descriptive title of the piece.

As with every AO2600 album I've heard, he always trails
off the release with a wonderful closing track, maintaining
our thoughts an interest once again and leaving us
left to patiently await the arrival of his next epic performance.
with this guy, you can always expect the most premium
analog-rich 8-bit chiptune sounds around, and proc
has been proud to release as many musical
ventures of his as possible.
without further ado, it gives me incredable
pleasure to release....


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