Tuesday, April 13, 2010



brief notes for great music :D

over the years, proc has been fortunate enough
to have been involved with the careers of
many successfull dedicated artists deeeeeep within
the underground. It has been a wonderful
and tremendously rewarding part of my life, not to mention
a way to really connect and STAY connected with
the musical direction within the netlabel scene
(the truest place to score the best music around!)

this compilation comprises a total of ten tracks from
just a HANDFULL of the artists at proc, both local and global, who
have been not only a positive influence on my own life
and musical career,but who also truly and
whole-heartedly embody the sound and values of
sound ARTists.

no genre restrictions or length limits.
just pure, raw electronic music
in a crystal clear 320kbps.



8 Ravens said...

very very nice)

proc-rec said...

i agree!!! :)

The Caretaker said...

Nice comp! Where you been, Adam?

proc-rec said...

lol, ive been here man...in one way or another :P

Marcos Marado said...

Good stuff!

proc-rec said...


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