Sunday, March 28, 2010



I don't have a whole lot of time available at the moment,
so, like this album, I am going to keep
these linear notes short and sweet :)

Noise is a genre which is very "hit" or "miss",
depending not so much as who is making it, but
rather the intent and the amount of devotion
which is put into the project.
For example, anyone can simply take a
sine wav, pound it to smithereens with distortion, slap
it into mp3 and call it an album.
True noise on the other hand requires things
like modulation, coherency, thought, a little preemptive
planning and above all, a love for the sound!
Pushing Task, aka the fantastic jmnerd is an
artist with such devotion which i have described, and his
attention to detail can be found in any of the sound
files contained on his ep's, Lp's and singles regardless
of the label.
proc just so happens to be fortunate enough once again
to have another prime-sculpted noise album to
provide the underground with.

I love noise with all my heart, and when done
correctly, it is easily one of the truest forms
of electronic-based art around.
To anyone out there who still hates on noise,
I offer this album to you as a testament to
the power of creative passion.


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