Monday, March 22, 2010



okay, so while proc isnt completely back at
full power, I felt that there had been entirely too
much of a pause in between the last release and now,
so I took it upon myself to hunker down and focus
myself back into a proper frame of mind to once
again release the lovely music that the hungry ears
of the world so desperately require!

propelling us into the realm of the proc37x's, our
long-time and highly cherished
friend, Razxca, returned
to the construction of audio and
has given us this glorious,
droning, cold and calculated track
which develops itself around layers of
white noise and a beautifully reverb-ridden
ambient melody.
A common theme in much of Razxca's material
(or at least his material which I'm most familiar with)
is the sense of being physically displaced or
entering a realm of slight mental uncertainty.
However, in every case, the end result is completely
satisfying, worthwhile, and above all, inspirational
to the degree of self-experimentation.

Mikhail (Razxca) has been active in the scene for
many many years and has always provided thought
provoking material (both sound AND images)
for those of us who may be looking for something
a little off the beaten path.
Having even one release from him on any label
takes it to almost the upper echelon of musical

I welcome anyone with an open mind and an ear
for hardcore ambient to download this album
and share it with those you love.


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