Wednesday, March 24, 2010



with music, some people have it, and...well
...obviousy some people do not.
Not so with Sascha Müller, who just so
happens to have a brand new 2-track dancefloor
ep on the globally recognized proc-rec!!

for those of you who might not already know this
musical genious, I suggest downloading every possible
piece of audio that you can from this guy.
His groundbreaking, genre-expansive
catalog of self-released
and net/physical label releases have
pleased audiences
for nearly a decade and continue to do so with much gusto.

with this ep, we find Sascha manning the soundboard's
once again through a two-piece selection of
highly direct dancefloor anthems.
the A-side of this album, Sternenfusion, is a brutal
and relentless traditional techno track with
pure, unfiltered rhythm and precision.
Nearly ten minutes in length, it captures
the essence of techno and raves of the early and mid 1990's
when beautiful tracks like this were becoming a mainstay
within the minds of many people.
The second track (or B-side) has a much more
"current" sound and seems to be more focused on
intense sound editing, sample placing and, yes, perfect 4/4
rhythmic stances!

This album is a bit different from his past x2 releases
in the sense that while these two fantastic tracks are
very similar, they are also just as different.
Each is deeply rooted with a club and techno sound design,
however, they seem to focus on
different styles of production in terms of editing.
And, as is typical with all of Sascha's work, these
tracks have a very high level of remix capabilites
and an equally high replay value.
DJ's throughout the world would be silly not to
scoop up this album and try their hands at spinning
these tracks (and others from him!) more than
once in an evening.

bottom line.
great music.
great artist.
great price ;)


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