Monday, November 28, 2011



2011 is quickly
coming to an end,
and yet, proc has
not sufficiently completed
it's mission of giving
the global underground
massive the best in
DIY music.
However, the
that the label
has obtained
over the course of
this past year
should not
be downplayed
to any extent.
On the contrary, I should
be praising the efforts
made by all, especially
those to whom have
dedicated their lives
to progressing the lobit
movement forward.
and it is with great pleasure
that I present
to you all
the latest installment
of sound from the
lobit artist, Pollux.
Easily accomplishing
what so many
have attempted, Pollux
demonstrates his skills
not only as a musician, but
as a seasoned
lobitrate user, effictively
using the lo-fidelity
qualities of sound
and filling the minds of
hundreds of listeners with
true, un-filtered brilliance.
As is typical with
this man's
style, this
album follows
in Pollux's
love affair
with ambient music and
leads us
down a path of
love and understanding.
During a time
in our lives
when so much
of what
we see and
hear going on
around us;
destruction, famine,
hatred, greed, etc, it helps
to know that there
is art that we can turn
to which helps us to
convey our
emotions properly.

From the very first
moment you hear
the opening track, you
can immediately feel
a change in your mood.
casting aside all
pre-conceptions about
ambient or lobit
sound-structure, one
can easily see the intense
love and appreciation
for music that Pollux has.
emptying himself completely,
wearing his heart
on his sleeve, he shows
us that no matter
what the government may
do to it's citizens, they
can never stop music, nor
can they ever silence the
underground netlabel scene.

A Tibol Radio show host,
a fellow netlabel operator,
electronic artist
and all-around
good guy,
Arnaud will always
embrace the DIY scene
with open arms.
THAT, my friends,
is just what the scene
needs now, more than ever.



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