Sunday, December 25, 2011



ahh yes!
xmas day :)
a time when family
and friends come
together once again
to share in the joys
of the season.
unfortunately, proc has
a huge family, and it is
not possible for me to physically
be with everyone I would like
to be with
during these holiday times,
however, I do happen to have
a free gift for all to
download, share, and enjoy!!

CDR has had two releases
on proc already, both of
which have been tremendously
well-received within
the underground
and have helped once again solidify
proc as the musical powerhouse
I knew it always could be!
Well, on this latest
installment of brilliance, we find
CDR celebrating the Christmas
season in grand-fashion.
Hand crafting alternative
spins on old holiday classics, and
even carving out some new
wonderful holiday melodies of his
own, it soon becomes
apparent that we have so much
to be thankful for during
the xmas season...
internet to download the music.
ears to hear it with.
labels that release it.
and the good people
of the underground who
love what they do and
aren't afraid to release
their music for free!!
Because ultimately, that's what
it all boils down to...karma.
the gift of giving.
for it is much better to give
than to recieve, and I have
been able to do BOTH
today at proc!

merry xmas everyone!
enjoy this album, because
it doesn't get ANY better than this :)


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