Saturday, January 30, 2010


+----------------------------------------------------------+ you might want to sit down before
listening to this one....
make sure you're quite comfortable, have something to drink,
and please, take special care when adjusting your
equalizer....because Joss Manley has done it again!!

Known by a variety of aliases, expanding
the deepest reaches of glitch-tech electronica
and heavily low-bitrate influenced, Joss Manley
has been a frequent producer and releaser on
my humble little label for over two years.

Even though this material is not lobit, it does
have a rather lo-fidelity sound.
Wrapping you up into a warm blanket of old-school
techno and hardcore 8-bit glitch-hop, my man Jmanley
demonstrates true talent once again, without the
use of expensive software or sound recording
I mean c'mon...let's face it. What good is
good equipment if you cant even use it?!?!
Compared to his other releases
(with the exception of amiga gam series)
this one is probably my favorite due to the dark textural
nature of even the dancier tracks.
The album certainly ends with a bang
through the seventh track titled "dor'm".
A heavy bassline manufactors a solid and rigid
framework for the piece to develop around,
while glitchy and pulsating percussion segments
are layed heavily upon one another in a very autechre-ish

Joss Manley, regardless of the alias, always
delivers the top quality sound files that so many
of us crave.
proc has been fortunate enough to have included
him on various ep's and compilations, going
on completely different spectrums of the bitrate scale.
it is cold outside, yes yes, but wrap yourself into
some good headphones
(or break into an abandoned warehouse
and DJ these tracks for your friends, and their
friends, and their FRIENDS friends) and watch
the evening heat up (;

another classic album from a truly stand-up dude!


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