Tuesday, January 12, 2010



proc is gearing up for this brand new year we have just
entered, and as we do I of course turn my
focus to the great country of Russia for musical
output inspiration!
Although, to be more precise, I pay attention to
the artist AND alias of none other than Microbit project.

As a label, Microbit project has some highly notable
musical output from artists like Sascha Muller, razxca,
jjoth, MNINS, Toxic Chicken, dn76e, among others!!
As an artist, MP has not only worked with a large portion
of those artists on compilations and split releases, but he
also stays active enough to release solo works at places like proc,
Love Torture, Intox Noize, Creative Obsession, bypass and
even at proc-rec's sublabel, 4m@-records!

Evgenij's sounds are always quite original in terms of
composition and theme.
Quite majestic in nature, his ambient works
are definitely some of the darkest, mind enhancing and
thought provoking around the netlabel scene.
His noise material can be some of the most brutally
sound damaging audio within the underground noise community,
capable of shaking up the industry on more than one occasion.
However, on this ep we are immersed deeply into the
happy hardcore days of early electronica and
acid house rave fusion.

It should come as no suprise to anyone who has had any
exposure to minimal music ( i would suppose in any form)
that to have such a strong release would have come from
a place like russia.
Renowned worldwide for having deep sound roots in minimalism,
Russia is essentially the primary, central hotbed for such works.
But since this album isnt quite minimal, lets focus
more on it's dancefloor properties...because brother...
from beginning to end, this is a dancefloor smash hit!!
Wicked acid basslines thickly cover each track while nice drum
programming and effect usage are found as ways to propel the
tracks in the proper direction.

an album that seems to be (at least o me) one big EP
of three smaller ep's , Free Acid Chill Session 2009-11-23
is an album of material from MP which not only was
encoded at a slightly higher bitrate from him than usual, but
is also probably one of my personal
favorite releases from him, and definitely one of the most
refreshing acid-house/hip hop fusions albums to hit
my ears in a long, long time.

not a moment too soon, Evgenij saves the day!!!


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