Thursday, January 7, 2010



looking back over the past 2/12 years of running proc,
It suprises me just how far the label has come.
nearly a dozen compilation albums have been
accomplished, and filling the spaces in between each
one has been an astonishing amount of
great music from great people in
varied, yet equally great countires.
Sascha Muller is one such artist from one such country
making such music (:
whether you're looking for something mellow
or something with a huge amount of
in-your-face action, Sascha
has been the one to deliver precisely
the proper amount of
sound to keep people happy, regardless
of the situation.

Each year since probably dating back to 1998, Sascha
has been producing music at an impressive rate.
Upon viewing his discogs page, it is clear to see that
most of his years as an artist have seen over a dozen
ep's and full length's , with 2009 as probably being his
most active year thus far!
To those whom are familiar with sascha, a quality product has
become accepted beyond a shadow of a doubt, and
with this great little two track ep from the
electronic music King himself, proc is able to stand proud and
have a positive look on the new year (:

the album starts out with the track "Monopoly Mit CR-78".
A repetitive glitchy minimalistic tune with a catchy
drum seqeunce, this piece geatures mostly
static percussion in conjunction with a solid
"dun dun dun dun dun dun" chord which
acts as it's own melody and beat-locking technique.

The second piece propels the ep to a whole new level
by taking a much different direction of sound in terms of
abandoning the highly mechanic beats
and replacing it with a much subtler and mellower atmosphere.

All in all, this is yet another great little .zip of music.
consider it a late Christmas present...from us to you!

...Elektronisch Reduzierte Klangsynthese...difficult to pronounce
but easy to listen to!!



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