Saturday, April 14, 2012



c4 has been
a project I've
enjoyed doing
for a long, long time.
It was the first alias
I ever remember
using for the piss-poor
excuse of music many
years ago back in high
school, and I carried
it on though much of
my mid-twenties.
After some time, I
allowed the project
to go into retirement
and focus more on
Graffiti Mechanism.
This soon became
an issue as I felt
it was losing
it's identity
through sheer
and a lack of
crucial definement.

I have since brought
c4 back and have
been using it regularly
to devote myself to
the acid-techno genre,
hoping to once again
make c4 an alias that
people can relate
to and appreciate as
a project which suits
a particular need.

At any rate,
over the years,
I generated a lot
of music that for
one reason or
another was never
released and instead
lyed dormant
on hard-drives or
This is one such album.
originally intended to
accompany the
first transient release
of the series, released
on abulia concepts back
in 2008, this album
was accepted though
never released.
Upon re-discovering
it, I decided to
allow my own label,
proc, to release it
and hopefully allow
it to recieve some attention.

Based around
the concept of
a simple loop,
these pieces
are intended to be
played individually,
as opposed
to traditional albums
which are listened
to as a whole.
the listener can choose
to play these
loops for as long
as they desire, although
I admit that this
concept can quickly
become tedious and
boring, I still very
much enjoy
these pieces and
the strong, emotional
memories which
are attached to them.

so yeah, hopefully
you can appreciate
this album for what it is.
If not, that's okay.
I still think you're awesome :)

stay strong and positive.


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