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In August of
2007, proc-rec
hit the www
and officially
became a
netlabel with
it's first release
from a duo
known as BIOC.
the duo,
whose members
were none
other than
mathias aeschlimann,
the head of
the infamous
20kbps records,
and his
good friend
Johnny Sleeper,
both of whom
are sound
geniouses in
their own right.
Now, nearly six
years later,
proc is
happy to host
their second
work as bioc
with their album
"Roman Numbering"

Once again
themed and
named around counting
and digits, this
DIGITal release
is much more
minimal and
calmer than
it's counterpart.
While quite
similar in style
and structure, this
release is
less dark
and secluded, with
an emphasis on
spacious sound-scapes
leaving you
feeling as though
you were floating
high above a forest
late at night, with
campfire smoke
filling your nostrils
with the
wonderful scent
of original serenity.
An all-together
release, I've found
myself returning to it
many times
and forcing
myself to search
for flaws
or something
that could have
been perfected, but alas,
no such things could
it's just great
evening and
coffee music
and should
be treated
as an album of
crucial importance
for those who
have been searching
for something
new and original.

unplug the phone,
turn out the lights,
strap on some
headphones and
sit in your
favorite chair,
because this one
is going to absorb
you a little while.

after over a half-decade
of waiting, part two
of this wonderful
project is FINALLY
available to the public!

THIS is proc....


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