Saturday, June 21, 2008



couple of new things to post.
sorry i havent updated this part of
proc-rec very much.

I'll update this as I can, though it may
not be right away
(i have to make music too, you know! lol)

anyway, proc100 hit this past friday

and needless to say, im excited.
this is a huge leap forward for proc-rec and from here
on out, there is absolutely no stopping us!
(not as though there ever was before).

proc100 was a noise compilation that had
tracks from a whole lot of artists based
entirely around noise, ambient and drone
and could be no longer than two-minutes in length.
very fun and hope to do something like this again.

proc101 is a wonderful little ep of
interesting audio from the incomparable
Scrap Heap.
very nice stuff, well worth the download ;)

the third newest release is proc102.
a split release from razxca and me, c4.
experimental in many ways, it draws upon
very free-form audio production methods.
recorded to analog then encoded at lobit.

enjoy ;)

so yeah, download these whenever you get a chance.
they make great additions to your personal proc-rec

alot more to come, too!
so keep an eye out.
and remember....
noise will be noise!!!

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