Saturday, June 16, 2012


+----------------------------------------------------------+ +artist_-_Qygen +album_-_Celestial_Hyperspeed +cat#_-_[proc461] +year_-_2012 +bitrate_-_320kbps,MP3 +----------------------------------------------------------+ Don't really need to explain this album too much. It's Qygen, the madman from Seattle who's trance-techno music has completely changed my initial preconceptions of the genre. As someone who appreciates all styles of electronica, I had been let down many many times by artists who simply could not properly make the trance that would get me moving, let alone make me want to listen to it more than once!! Maybe it's just because he's on my label that get's me so pumped, but one thing is for sure, I definitely am, and new music from Eric is always something to be appreciative of. while nothing of his has ever quite compared to his 5th album on proc, Enchanted, ( this album, which runs for almost an hour and a half comes dangerously close in my opinion. If you're someone who is still a little uncertain whether or not trance is a genre that you think you could ever love like you do with a different style, give qygen a try, and prepare to have your mind changed for you! sorry for the delay with music! NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!! Qygen_-_Celestial_Hyperspeed

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