Tuesday, April 10, 2012



ah jeez, let's see if
I still remember
how to do this...lol

I'm terribly sorry
about the
delays within
the musical-releasing
timeframe, although
as with all past proc
releases, this bad boy
was WELL worth th wait!!

coming to you from
two men whom I have
infinite amounts of
respect for, Consistency Nature
and Rainbow Valley
have teamed up for
the first time on proc-rec
to bring to the world
some wonderful
ambient textures, done
so exquisitely
and with such amazing
execution, it makes me
wonder how this
generation could ever
go a day without hearing
such fine experimental
ambient audio.

Both men approach
the genre with
their own tactful purpose,
adding to their
low-fi pieces a signiture
sound which is uniquely
their own.
Rainbow Valley
with his slow, deliberate
layering and build-up of
orchestral meloncholy,
and CN with his
epic droning backdrops,
filling in the moments
of brief silence with
epic static outbursts
and global collective
sighs of contentment.

yep, it's one of
THOSE albums.
a classic by every
stretch of the imagination,
and one that sets the
bar high for what proc
hopes to prove
to the mainstream
I figured, since proc
is back, why not
remind the underground
what it's really all about.
great music.
plain and simple.

noise will be noise.


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