Wednesday, April 11, 2012



In keeping with
the current inertia
of proc's recent
revival, and due
partially to a brief
transition of available
time, I decided
to get another
wonderful release
out to the world that
had been criminally
sitting on my hard-drive.

Coming out from
the shadows of
the deep-underground,
Carfil, a long-time
contributer of
the netlabel
movement and
fellow member
of the proc-rec
family decided
to allow his newest
excursion into the
realm of audio-brilliance
to be released
on my label!

A quartet of brief
but highly impactive
pieces are what you'll
find on this release.
Built and living around
basic rhythm sections
which allow the tracks
to move forward, the
slightly distorted,
delay-ridden melodic
structures add an
element of dynamic
to these pieces, notably
within the first moment
of the opening piece,
and also within much of
the third track.

Carfil is a skilled
musician, and
his equipment list
which is comprised of
a few hand-held devices
only strengthens this fact.
Finding impressive ways
of turning the ordinary
into something with
character and soul
is what he does best.

Fans of carfil
are sure to
thoroughly enjoy
this latest release,
although it sould be
mentioned that
this release gives
way to his more
experimental side
and shows him
attempting things
which I personally
have not heard
him do on any
past proc-rec

If you're not
going anywhere
for about 15 minutes,
sit down and get
aquainted with this one :)



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